Clipper green tea

20 tea bags

Is characteristically light and clear. With green tea, it is all about the quality of the leaves and the expertise in the production process, which gives us the distinct profile we are searching for. We only work with trusted Fairtrade & organic estates to buy our green tea and often use southern Indian leaves, as this delivers the delicate, subtle taste we look for.


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what is green tea?

Green Tea is made from the same plant as black tea (‘everyday’ tea) but processed differently. Simple! The result is a distinctive flavour and lovely golden colour.

where is green tea from?

Green tea is said to have originated in China. One popular legend suggests that Shennong, Emperor of China and supposed inventor of Chinese medicine, discovered tea as a beverage around 2737 BC. He happened to be sitting outside when fresh tea leaves from a nearby tea tree fell into his cup of just boiled water. It’s arguable whether this can really be classed as ‘inventing’ but it’s a nice story nonetheless.  At Clipper we source most of our green tea from tea estates in China and South India with whom we have direct relationships.

what makes green tea different?

Green tea comes from the very same plant used to make black tea: Camellia Sinensis. In theory the lush little leaves that grow on this bush could go on to become black, green or even white tea. The defining moment in the tea’s destiny comes during the fermentation or oxidation process. Once the buds and leaves are picked, compared to black tea, the process is much gentler when making green tea.

is there caffeine in green tea?

Short answer: yes! But that’s not the whole story. Although green tea comes from the same plant as black tea, it’s processed differently. You’re left with a delicious, calming green tea and less caffeine in your cup.